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People who visit our med spa near Toronto often know what they want to improve about their appearance, but they aren’t always sure which treatment will give them the results they’re looking for. Dr. Vince Bertucci and his team of experienced medical aestheticians and laser technicians offer treatments for just about every dermatologic concern, from wrinkles to unwanted hair.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, browse the list of concerns below to learn more about the best med spa treatment for you. Then, request a consultation online or call (905) 850-4415 to schedule an appointment at our med spa serving Woodbridge, Vaughan, and the Greater Toronto Area.

Wrinkles, Volume Loss & Contouring

Smooth away wrinkles and refine your natural contours for a youthful look.

Redness & Discolouration

Minimize excessive redness, veins, broken blood vessels, and brown spots.

Skin Concerns

Achieve your best skin yet by removing unwanted blemishes and letting your healthy complexion shine through.

Hair Concerns

Whether you desire less hair or more hair, lasers and other treatments can help.

Body Concerns

Reduce stubborn fat and minimize excess sweating so you can feel comfortable and confident in your body.

Unwanted Body Fat

Excessive Sweating