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For years, laser skin resurfacing has been popular among Toronto-area men and women who want more significant results than those offered by creams, serums, or spa treatments. But aggressive resurfacing lasers often require significant downtime—downtime that many of our busy patients just don’t have.

Fraxel, available at our Vaughan med spa in Woodbridge, is a wonderful alternative to these stronger lasers, delivering exceptional results with just a fraction of the downtime required by its competitors.

What Is Fraxel?

Fraxel is a laser resurfacing device that works by directing tiny, focused columns of laser energy to the treatment area, interspersed with healthy, untreated skin for optimal healing and reduced downtime. This energy vaporizes skin cells that are older, damaged, and dull, stimulating the skin’s own healing processes and making way for cells that are new and healthy. Your laser technician can control the depth and intensity of your treatment for results that are perfectly aligned with your aesthetic goals and require minimal downtime.

At Bertucci MedSpa, we also offer treatment with the Fraxel DUAL laser, a non-ablative fractional laser treatment. As its name implies, DUAL is a 2-in-1 laser treatment that can treat a wider variety of skin concerns. This makes it a good choice for individuals with significant skin irregularities seeking the best Fraxel laser treatment results in Toronto.

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As a globally renowned, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Vince Bertucci has devoted his career to enriching the lives of people from all walks of life. Though he is a respected innovator, researcher, and educator, his patients are his highest priority. He welcomes each visitor with an a detailed consultation process and works collaboratively with them to develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan.

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Our Full Face Rejuvenation Approach

Our board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Vince Bertucci and Dr. Yuliya Velykoredko, create customized treatment plans tailored to address your concerns and achieve your aesthetic goals. That may include combining laser skin rejuvenation with cosmetic injectables, medical-grade skincare products, and other skin rejuvenation devices that minimize wrinkles, sculpt well-defined contours, and create an overall refreshed appearance.

What Does Fraxel Treat?

Fraxel is most often indicated for people bothered by one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sun freckles and dark spots
  • Precancerous skin lesions
  • Rough texture
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks

During your consultation, Dr. Bertucci or Dr. Velykoredko may recommend an alternative treatment, such as Secret ProEclipse MicroPen® microneedling, or even HydraFacial MD®

How Does Fraxel Work?

Laser skin resurfacing has been one of the most exciting recent advancements in cosmetic dermatology, but many people were put off by the recovery time that some of these treatments necessitated. Fraxel is one of the best treatments for deep wrinkles on the face and is a great option for people who want the benefits of laser resurfacing without taking an excessive amount of time away from their everyday activities.

Derived from the word “fractional,” Fraxel gets its name because it resurfaces skin with pinpoint columns of laser energy instead of a “sheet” of laser energy. Instead of vaporizing all skin in its path, it treats only a fraction of the skin, leaving healthy, untreated skin cells to accelerate the healing process. Because less skin is directly affected, recuperation after Fraxel is typically shorter and more comfortable than that of conventional lasers.

How To Prepare for Fraxel

Avoid excessive sun exposure and any harsh exfoliating products such as retinol or glycolic acid for about 2 weeks before your treatment. If you have a history of cold sores, you may be prescribed a course of antiviral medication before your treatment to reduce the risk of an outbreak.

What Do Fraxel Treatments Feel Like?

Your laser technician begins by thoroughly cleansing your face and applying a topical anesthetic ointment. After approximately 60 minutes, your practitioner passes the Fraxel handpiece over your skin to direct laser energy precisely where you need it. The process generally lasts between 20 and 25 minutes. Once your treatment is complete, your practitioner removes the anesthetic gel.

What Is Fraxel Recovery Like?

After your procedure, you’ll be advised to avoid sun exposure until the skin begins to heal. Be sure to wear a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher any time you head outdoors. A mild moisturizer, such as Cetaphil or Toleriane, can help offset any redness or peeling. Be sure to avoid any drying or irritating skincare products until your skin has fully healed.

How Many Fraxel Treatments Will I Need?

We typically recommend undergoing a series of treatments to achieve your desired results. Your laser technician will suggest the appropriate number of treatments for you during your consultation. Results typically appear over the course of 1 to 3 weeks and can be quite long-lasting if you follow a good skincare regimen at home.

How Much Does Fraxel Cost in Ontario?

The cost of Fraxel in Canada varies depending on the size of your treatment area and the number of sessions needed. We will provide a personalized pricing estimate after designing your custom treatment plan at your consultation.

How Long Do Fraxel Results Last?

The improvements from Fraxel treatments last approximately 3 to 5 years, depending on individual patient factors such as age and lifestyle. Proper skin care, including applying high-quality sunscreen and avoiding sun exposure, can extend the life of your results.

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We tailor your treatment plan based on a holistic assessment of your appearance, concerns, and goals. This approach combines the art and science of full facial rejuvenation to highlight your unique features.

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