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“Nothing is more perplexing for a grown woman than regularly scheduled breakouts. For this problem, no single treatment is right for everyone, explains Dr. Jang, noting that “acne is such an individual program.”

Start with a chemical exfoliant. “Use salicylic acid-based products, which work to clear comedonal acne,” says Dr. Jang, who also suggests an anti-bacterial wash that contains triclosan. That old standby, benzoyl peroxide, is available in gels and lotions in strengths up to five per cent over the counter.

“You could try a single product with only one of these ingredients and, if this fails, a second could be added later,” says Toronto’s Dr. Vince Bertucci, medical director for Bertucci MedSpa. “A single product may not be enough for everyone.”

Anyone suffering through a multiplestep acne routine has wondered if a toner is necessary. “Toners are sometimes drying and need to be used with caution on sensitive skin,” advises Dr. Bertucci. “On the other hand, those with oily skin will appreciate their effects.” As for moisturizer, opt for one labelled “noncomodegenic.” Have a doctor assess acne that doesn’t respond to over-the-counter preparations, as you may need prescription antibiotics to control breakouts.”

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