Vince Bertucci, MD, FRCPC: Bertucci MedSpa

By Dave Lackie

Twenty-six years ago, I walked into high school for the first time and promptly began perspiring. It wasn’t the sweat-on-the-brow kind of perspiring that happens when you are momentarily nervous. I suddenly had soaked armpits that left dark, rings on my shirt and left me uncomfortable and embarrassed.

According to new Procter and Gamble research, I’m not alone. Eighteen per cent of the population consider themselves “heavy sweaters”, a condition the medical community calls hyperhidrosis or over active sweat glands.

“Imagine standing at the front of a boardroom making a presentation and constantly worrying about the wet rings under your arms. Or having to shake a business peer’s hands and having sweaty palms,” says Dr. Vince Bertucci, a Toronto-based dermatologist and consultant to P&G Beauty. Bertucci has even had clients who had difficulty holding tools because of sweaty palms.

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