Vince Bertucci, MD, FRCPC: Bertucci MedSpa


Injectable cosmetic treatments usher in new era of facial rejuvenation

BOTOX COSMETIC® was a revolutionary breakthrough product,” says Dr. Vince Bertucci, president of the Canadian Society for Dermatological Surgery (CSDS). “It started the entire movement into non-invasive cosmetic makeovers, permitting the average person to safely and effectively improve facial wrinkles with a simple office-based procedure.”

Although there are sometimes misconceptions and confusion around the treatments, Dr. Bertucci says BOTOX COSMETIC®’s 19-year safety history is extensive. Still, the CSDS reminds consumers that a successful treatment should always begin with proper research and education; consumers should consult a licensed, qualified physician and always ensure that cosmetic treatments are performed in an appropriate medical setting.

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