Vince Bertucci, MD, FRCPC: Bertucci MedSpa

The board-certified dermatologists at Bertucci MedSpa now offer LightSheer® DUET™, a vacuum-assisted laser hair removal system, at their Woodbridge clinic outside Toronto. 

Woodbridge, Ontario (January 2014) —Bertucci MedSpa has brought the LightSheer DUET laser hair removal system to their Woodbridge clinic near Toronto. The latest device in the LightSheer line, this device is designed to dramatically decrease the treatment time needed even for large areas such as the back or legs.

“Patients have been very impressed by the results, and so have I,” says Dr. Vince Bertucci, who has served the Toronto area with cosmetic dermatology treatments for years at his Woodbridge clinic. “The DUET machine has cut treatment time significantly. Sessions that once took about an hour are now down to 15 or 20 minutes.”

The LightSheer DUET is able to successfully treat areas in less time because it has an increased spot size compared to past systems, meaning more laser energy is delivered to the skin in a single pulse. During a treatment, a technician glides a handpiece over a patient’s skin in an area of unwanted hair. The handpiece uses vacuum suction to pull the skin gently upward, allowing laser light to better reach the targeted area.

“The vacuum feature also actually makes the treatment more comfortable than in the past,” Dr. Bertucci says. “Patients feel the gentle sensation of the suction, which alleviates the heat of the laser pulses. In the past, the laser heat bothered some patients, so we would recommend an anesthetic cream, but that isn’t necessary with the DUET system.”

The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles; this damages the follicles and causes them to lose their hairs after a couple of weeks. The dermatologist says he uses the system at his suburban Toronto practice for patients of all skin tones and hair colours, although some people may require more treatment sessions than others.

“Another benefit of this system is that it comes with 2 handpieces of different sizes,” Dr. Bertucci says. “In addition to the large one that has improved treatment times so much, there’s also a very fine handpiece for small areas such as the face.”

The smaller handpiece does not include the suction feature, but it uses ChillTip™ cooling technology to enhance comfort.

“Overall, the DUET is a wonderful addition to our practice,” Dr. Bertucci says. “Our patients are thrilled to have quick, comfortable treatments that permanently reduce or eliminate their unwanted hair.”

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